↠ What are the cancellation policies ?

If for any reason Gone Caribe must cancel a trip, all your money will be refunded. We will also offer you the posibility to find another trip that will suit your needs.

Here is our policies in a case a traveler wish to cancel or modify a reservation for one of our packages:

For a half day trip or a regular day trip

  • 100% of your money will be refunded to you if you cancel at least 48h before your trip.
  • If you cancel less then 48h before your trip, 60% of your money will be refund.
  • If you cancel the day of your trip, no money will be refund.

For a 8 days trip

  • If you cancel your trip one month after your first deposit, a penalty of 15% of the amount will apply.
  • If you cancel your booking 90 days before your trip, a penalty of 30% of the amount will apply.
  • If you cancel your booking less then 60 days before your trip, a penalty of 50% of the amount will apply.

↠ How does it work for transportation from and to the airport ?

If you want to benefit from the free shuttle included in your package, you will definitely have to arrive and leave according to the dates of your chosen excursion.

↠ Is it possible to arrive before or leave Curaçao later than the chosen dates of my excursion with Gone Caribe ?

Yes it is possible. You will therefore need to find your own accomodation and own transportation for these days. You can always contact us to receive recommandations about our favorite spots and companies through out the island. 

↠ What kind of currency should I have with me ?

The USD $ is accepted everywhere on the island of Curaçao.

↠ Is there a minimum age required to participate to a Gone Caribe adventure ?

Travelers should be at least 18 years or older.

↠ Do you need to have a Visa to enter the country?

Curaçao : Not for a period under 3 months.

↠ What kind of travel insurance do I need?

You should have an insurance that will cover you in case of any incident cause by adventurous activities. In case you wish to cancel a trip last minute, your insurance could be your only option o get a full refund.

↠ Is the flight ticket included in my package?

The flight ticket is not included in any of Gone Caribe Packages. We therefore recommand you these websites to find the cheapest flight possible : Cheapoair, Skyscanner, Kayak